Personal Development

Waiting for a Promotion

Episode 02: What to do While Waiting for a Promotion or if you Don’t Get It

In this podcast episode, I discuss some things you should consider doing while you wait for a promotion and how to handle being passed over for one.

Episode 01: How to Receive, Process and Use Feedback

In my first podcast, I share my thoughts on feedback, why its important, and lay out what everyone should consider when receiving, processing and using it.

Influencing Others

Influencing Skills Article in PDF

We spend our lives influencing others. We rarely take the time to learn how to effectively use this skill. This article outlines an effective approach.

Career Change

Career Change Article in PDF

A common request for coaching services is from individuals considering a career change. In this article, I outline five things to consider in order to make a successful transition.

Layoffs Article in PDF

“There are going to be layoffs!” How many times have you heard this phrase at the company you work for? In this article I outline some things you can do to avoid being part of the next reduction in force.

Developing Effective Presentations

Delivering Effective Presentations Article in PDF

Over the years I have developed a methodology for creating and delivering effective presentations. It has worked for me, and I thought it important to share what I have learned so that other people might benefit from this experience.