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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive and leadership coaches have a lot of similarities with sports or athletic coaches. Imagine that you are an athlete who is finding it hard to win and get ahead. You probably struggle to understand what is keeping you from winning. You question whether it is lack of training, perhaps it is an incorrect diet or maybe you need more strength training. How could you identify what the issue really is? You would probably turn to a coach, someone who is an expert in your sport, someone who can help you achieve your objectives and win.

As a workplace professional, you may struggle from time to time without knowing what to do about it. You career may have stalled and you may not find the right way to get ahead. Have you considered a coach who can be your partner? Someone who can observe you in action and help you identify your gaps? Someone who can help you create a plan to improve your performance? I can help you do all those things. My coaching philosophy parallels the sports analogy. My approach will help you focus on the future ahead, identify any gaps you might have, create a plan to close those gaps, promote your achievements and find ways to help you realize your career objectives.

Increase Your Performance
Improve Your Leadership Abilities
Raise Your Confidence
Become More Engaged
Heighten Your Self-Awareness
Improve Your Self-Regulation
Better Social Skills
Improve Your Relationships

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People say that to improve something you need to measure it.  I believe in the same philosophy. My coaching approach helps people like you achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in performance during the first six months of the coaching relationship.

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My senior corporate executive experience, combined with my coaching experience provide you with some options to help you achieve your long-term objectives.

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