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Imagine that you are an athlete who is finding it hard to win and get ahead. You struggle to understand what is keeping you from winning. You question whether it is a lack of training, an incorrect diet or your technique. If this were the case, you would likely turn to a coach, someone who is an expert in your sport, someone who can help you identify what is holding you back and then provide you the tools and techniques to help you achieve your objectives and win.

As a workplace professional, you may struggle to get ahead and not know what to do about it. Perhaps your career has stalled and you can’t find a way to advance. Have you considered a coach who can be your partner? Someone who can help you plan your career and identify your gaps? Someone who can help you create a plan to improve your performance? I can help you do all those things. My coaching philosophy parallels the sports analogy and I have created tools and processes that work. My approach will help you focus on the future and help you realize your objectives.

Plan Your Career

Identify Your Gaps

Take Action

Measure Results

Career Planning

By leveraging your long-term life goals and my Eight Elements of Career Planning framework, I will help you identify the ideal career progression and to help you lay out the ‘turn-by-turn’ directions along the way. We will consider your strengths, experience, values, motivators, preferences, obligations, earning potential and ambitions to construct your ideal career journey. We will set milestones to measure success along the way.

Development Planning

Armed with your career plan and the requirements of the role, we can begin to understand your gaps. We will use industry-standard instruments to understand gaps in your experience and in your competencies. We will understand your inate preferences and your brand. We will then construct meaningful development actions using tried and proven learning models. We will measure progress along the way with quantifiable results.

Next Steps

Self Promotion

Self-Promotion is one of the hardest things for leaders to do. Most people expect that their hard work and results will be enough to see them through their career. The sad news is that networking and self-promotion are needed to get ahead. I will help you structure a plan that will help you identify the people you need to get to know better and I will help you structure the messaging that will set you apart from others.

Shadow Coaching

We learn when people observe us in action and provide us with the feedback we need for our development. Shadow coaching is a great opportunity for you to hone your skills in whatever area you have chosen to work on. Shadow coaching includes observation and feedback and it’s accentuated by a debrief process to provide recommendations and an action plan.

Job Transition

Onboarding & transitioning to a new role will happen at some point in everyone’s career and it is important to have a solid transition plan. I have developed a 10-point transition plan framework that will help you  onboard and transition to the new role effectively. The plan is designed to help you get up to speed quickly, determine the proper organizational structure, put a business management system in place, build relationships with stakeholders, avoid mistakes, identify any blind spots you might have and to start delivering results right away. We will use a series of tried and proven techniques that I have used many times during my career. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, nearly 40 percent of new executives fail within their first 18 months. I will make sure you are not part of that statistic.

Crisis Management

Leading through a crisis requires special skills and it helps have someone by your side with experience. I have faced more than my fair share of crisis throughout my career. I have developed a crisis management plan based on world events like 9-11 to the financial crisis of 2008 to the multitude of business and economic fluctuations. I will help you understand the situation, get ahead of the communication curve, create business management system that will help bring calm to your team and to help you understand manage through the human emotion that embodies a crisis.


Mentoring is often associated with executive coaching. I can help you work through your significant business issues and help you navigate through delicate situations with your team, peers or superiors. Together we can put together that difficult presentation, rehearse it to hone your presentation skills and help build your confidence during these difficult situations.


People say that to improve something you need to measure it.  I believe in the same philosophy. My coaching approach helps people like you achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in performance during the first six months of the coaching relationship.

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