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Conferences and events are great opportunities to learn from experienced executives who are willing to share their points of view. I am one of those individuals who believe in giving back by sharing my experiences and knowledge. I base my views on my years of experience as a former corporate executive and leadership coach.

I can speak on a variety of topics including Leadership Challenges in the Technology Sector, Leadership Development, Intercultural Leadership, and Inspirational Leadership. My approach is to combine my experience, beliefs, and learnings into a story that resonates with today’s leaders. Group sizes for my speaking engagements range from small groups to conferences with hundreds of participants.

Career Planning

Career Planning is a popular topic for individuals seeking to grow their careers and forge a path forward for them and their families. In this presentation, I share the secrets to career planning, gap identification, developmental actions and self-promotion. These are the same tactics I use in my executive coaching and provides attendees with similar outcomes.

Tech Leadership Challenges

Today’s Tech Leaders face a unique set of challenges. Long work days, globalization and the ever-connected world we live in present special challenges to anyone leading in the technology sector. In this presentation, I outline actions that our leaders can take to maximize their efficiency and improve their overall performance.

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