The suite of services listed below are focused on achieving predictable outcomes for individuals and organizations. These services leverage Terry’s nearly thirty years of senior executive leadership and coaching experience. They position him well to help individuals and organizations maximize their effectiveness through structured, effective and proven methods.

Executive Coaching

T Kahler Coaching

Coaching is a one-on-one collaborative relationship between a coach and an individual who has an interest in developing their leadership skills and in increasing their overall effectiveness. Leadership development requires a significant investment in both time and money.  It must have a measurable return to justify the effort.

Terry’s senior corporate executive experience combined with his experience as an Executive Coach, positions him well for helping individuals maximize their performance through structured, effective and proven programs. These programs are designed to increase a leader’s self-awareness and improve their personal, business and leadership effectiveness. Terry’s coaching philosophy is to use a data-driven approach to help individuals grow and achieve predictable, measurable and sustainable outcomes.

One-on-one coaching programs offered by Terry include Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, On-boarding, Transition Coaching and Career Coaching.

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Team Coaching

Improving a team’s effectiveness is challenging and requires a knowledgeable individual to help throughout the process. Identifying the right behaviors to change and shepherding the team behavioral change management process should be led by experienced coaches with real-life and team coaching experiences. Researchers have found that poorly timed or uninformed team coaching can do more harm than good.

Corporate executives are calling for results-based approaches to team coaching.  Terry’s team coaching methodology delivers results and transforms dysfunctional teams into high-performing organizations.

Terry’s senior corporate executive experience leading high-performing teams, combined with his coaching experience, positions him well for helping teams maximize their performance through structured, effective and proven programs. These programs are designed to increase team performance and improve their relationships.

Team coaching programs offered by Terry include Team Assessments, Group/Team Coaching and Leadership Workshops.

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Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops provide opportunities for individuals to develop and enhance their leadership skills, gain insights from Terry and engage with colleagues outside of their usual work environments. Workshop participants will attain knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enhance their individual and professional career performance.

The workshops Terry has created  deliver lasting, sustainable results for mid-level managers and executives. They create well-rounded leaders and helps them achieve higher levels of effectiveness.

Terry uses innovative, engaging and activity-based workshop techniques to increase the workshop effectiveness. He also leverages his 30 years of leadership experience and his eight years of coaching experience to help leaders learn some of the techniques that he has used.  Most of the workshops are done in-person and they are designed for role–play with real leadership challenge scenarios.

Leadership Workshop programs offered by Terry include Team Development Workshop, Inspiring Leadership Workshop and Influencing Skills Workshop.



Conducting an effective meeting or planning session can be arduous, especially when you are facing big challenges. Terry has led a very large number of planning sessions during his career and he has developed a methodology that works. His structured approach combined with his skill for understanding the problem allows him to organize an agenda, facilitate the meeting, capture the salient points, summarize the actions and create a follow-up system to deliver measurable results.

People are at the core of any meeting. Managing conflicts, distractions and engagement levels is key to conducting a successful meeting. Terry has successfully led complex planning sessions which have delivered high levels of engagement and great outcomes.

Often, consulting and facilitation services go hand-in-hand. Terry is able to render a better opinion about organizational structure, team dynamics and overall business strategy from attending and/or leading planning sessions.



Good business are built by understanding the elements that drive results. Businesses must operate efficiently to thrive and grow profitably. Leveraging and making the best use of the available information helps them operate efficiently and to remain competitive.

The structured, proven and effective approach that Terry uses in his consulting services is designed to deliver quantifiable results through maximizing a company’s efficiency. His consulting services leverage his thirty years of executive experience leading business and functions of all sizes and types. His close involvement with a business, his ability to understand their priorities, and his desire to transfer the skills he has developed to the client’s organization helps individuals and organizations achieve long-lasting results.

His style is to provide individuals and organizations with candid and objective feedback needed to make sound business decisions and to develop action plans that are realistic and designed to achieve results within the desired timeframe.

The consulting programs offered by Terry include Management Consulting, Operational Consulting, Organizational Design and Customized Consulting Services.

Speaking Engagements

Conferences and events are great opportunities to learn from experienced executives who are willing to share their point of view. Terry is one of those individuals who believes in giving back by sharing his views based on his many years of experience as a former corporate executive and leadership coach. Terry speaks on a variety of topics including Leadership Challenges in the Technology Sector, Leadership Development, Intercultural Leadership and Inspirational Leadership. Group sizes for these speaking engagements range from small groups through conferences with hundreds of participants.

Terry’s approach is to combine his years as a former corporate executives and his years as an exercutive coach into a story that resonates with today’s leaders.  He also leverages the many coaching engagements he’s had with some of the top executives in the technology industry.

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