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The workshops outlined below are carefully designed to develop your skills, gain insights, obtain valuable tools, learn new techniques and engage with colleagues outside of your normal work environment. You will realize lasting, sustainable results regardless of your leadership level.

In each workshop we will use innovative, engaging and activity-based techniques to enhance your learning experience. Throughout the workshops, I leverage my decades of leadership coaching and facilitation experience and I will share some of the techniques that have worked for me in the past. All of these workshops are available in-person* or virtually through the use of current videoconferencing tools.

* When the COVID-19 Pandemic passes.

Inspirational Leadership

Looking to become an inspirational leader? Look no further than The Seven Attributes of Inspirational Leadership. Join us for a comprehensive workshop where we will explore the business benefits of inspirational leadership, delve into the seven key attributes, and learn how to leverage them to your advantage. Through the use of powerful tools and exercises, you will have the chance to assess your current skills and identify areas for growth. By the end of the workshop, you will have developed an actionable plan to take your inspirational leadership skills to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to become the kind of leader that inspires and motivates your team to achieve their full potential.

Effective Delegation

If you find yourself struggling to manage your workload or feel like you haven’t quite mastered the art of delegation, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to improve. Join us as we explore the many benefits of delegation and take a deep dive into the risks associated with failing to delegate effectively. Through hands-on exercises and engaging discussions, you will learn how to delegate tasks in a way that empowers your team and frees up your own time for higher-level work. Walk away from this workshop with a newfound sense of confidence and the tools you need to delegate like a pro. Don’t let a heavy workload hold you back from achieving your full potential as a leader – sign up for this workshop today.

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Team Effectiveness

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful team. Without trust, building positive relationships becomes an uphill battle. So how can you foster trust within your team? By understanding each other’s preferences and leveraging that knowledge to connect, process information, make decisions, and work together more effectively. This is where the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment comes in. In just two hours, our informative and engaging workshop will guide you through the assessment and help you identify not only your own preferences, but those of your team members as well. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you will be better equipped to tailor your communication style and approach to work collaboratively with your team members. Want to take things a step further? Ask us about customization options to ensure the workshop is tailored specifically to your team’s needs.

Executive Presentations

Do you want to take your presentation skills to the next level? If so, this workshop is the perfect opportunity for you. Join us for an engaging and informative session that will teach you the ins and outs of delivering powerful presentations. You will learn why strong presentation skills are essential, the art of storytelling, how to structure your presentation for maximum impact, and how to address the key concerns of executives. Throughout the workshop, you will have the chance to view successful presentations and practice your own skills, receiving real-time feedback from our experienced coaches. Don’t miss this chance to become a more confident and effective presenter – sign up for this workshop today.

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Influencing Skills

Are you looking to enhance your ability to influence others in the workplace? Look no further than our Influencing Workshop. This workshop is designed for individuals who want to up-level their influencing skills and learn how to effectively persuade and motivate others. Through a combination of interactive discussions, real-world role-playing exercises, and expert coaching, you will acquire the tools you need to become a more effective influencer. Our workshop also emphasizes the power of group feedback, allowing you to learn from your peers and receive constructive feedback to refine your skills. The workshop can be tailored to your needs and typically runs for two to four hours, depending on the activities involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a more influential and impactful member of your team – sign up for our workshop today.

Custom workshops are available for specific topics. I can help you design a workshop based on your  specific needs and requirements.​