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Inspirational Leadership Workshop


During this workshop, you will learn how to be  an inspirational leader by adopting The Seven Attributes of Inspirational Leadership. In a small group setting, the cohort will review the business case for inspirational leadership, discuss the seven attributes in detail, hear views from successful executives, review research on each attribute, understand the advantage of adopting them, share experiences, and use proven tools to develop these skills.

You will have the opportunity to evaluate your inspirational leadership skills and create an action plan to further develop them and measure your progress along the way.

NOTE: All workshops are virtual until further notice.

What Will You Learn?

Understand the ROI of Inspirational Leadership and which attributes are most important. Evaluate your level of inspirational Leadership for each member of your team and create S-M-A-R-T actions that you can implement immediately.

Why is it Important?

According to Gallup, 79% of employees worldwide are disengaged, and more than ever, are inspired by purpose. Leaders alone account for 70% of employee engagement. Engaged employees produce better business outcomes.

How will it Help You?

Using proven action plans, you can chart your path to becoming an inspirational leader, create a tighter bond between you and your team, boost creativity and cooperation and achieve better business results.

Workshop Resources

You will receive all the necessary materials to make this a productive learning experience. Included in the workshop are a self-assessment, a handbook, an Inspirational Leadership worksheet, and an action planning document.

In addition, you will obtain best practices, receive a multitude of articles, research materials, frameworks, methods, and book recommendations to help you in your journey.