Team Coaching Programs

Why Team Coaching

Research organizations claim that only one in five teams can be labeled as high-performing. Disjointed performance metrics continue to drive leaders into silos and the propensity to use technology (texting, email and social media) have lessened the need for personal relationships. Trust in each other, a fundamental part of relationship management, has been eroded.

Improving a team’s effectiveness is challenging and requires a knowledgeable individual to help throughout the process. Identifying the right behaviors and shepherding the team behavioral change management process should be led by experienced coaches with real-life and team coaching experiences. Researchers have found that poorly timed or uninformed team coaching can do more harm than good.

Corporate executives are calling for results-based approaches to team coaching.  Terry’s team coaching methodology delivers results and transforms dysfunctional teams into high-performing organizations.


Prior to starting his coaching and consulting practice in 2012, Terry served as Senior Vice President and also as an Internal Coach/Mentor for Dell, Inc.. In his multiple global roles, Terry helped develop teams into high performing organizations. As a coach, he designed structured, proven and effective approaches to team coaching based on his real life experiences and his executive coaching methodologies.

As a Certified Executive Coach, Terry helps individuals and organizations improve their overall effectiveness using the same, proven approach. He has in depth knowledge of most business functions and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Credentials & Certifications

In addition to his experience, Terry has obtained certifications and membership associations to enhance his coaching practice. These include:

  • Executive Coaching and Team Coaching Certification from the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

  • Associate Coaching Certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

  • Professional Life Coaching Certification from the Life Coaching Institute of America
  • Member of the International Coach Federation.
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner.
  • Certified Hogan Leadership Series and Hogan 360 Practitioner.

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Coaching Solutions

The following are some of the team coaching programs offered by Terry to help leaders and individuals improve their overall effectiveness and become a high-performing team.

Team/Group Coaching – Designed to improve overall team effectiveness, this program leverages Terry’s high-performing team leadership experience along with assessment instruments to determine a team’s readiness, strengths and development opportunities. A combination of face-to-face, video conferencing and telephone calls provides Terry the ability to observe the team in action and identify areas of opportunity for the team to improve its performance and achieve the desired business objectives. This program offers teams the intimate coordination, collaboration and creative thinking needed to achieve their business objectives.

Workshops – Leadership and Development Workshops are available for groups of eight individuals or larger. These workshops focus on some of the same elements as listed in the above solutions but are designed for a larger audience.

Customized Programs – Customized coaching programs that leverage Terry’s wealth of global executive leadership and coaching experience are available upon request.

Next Steps

Terry’s experience and coaching style has been helpful to many individuals and organizations around the world.  Read what other individuals are saying by clicking on the Testimonials button below or click on the Free Consultation button to schedule a free 30-minute telephone discovery session.

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