Team Coaching

One-to-many engagements designed to help increase your team's effectiveness.

What is Team Coaching?

Research organizations claim that only one in five teams can be labeled as high-performing. Disjointed performance metrics continue to drive leaders into silos and the propensity to use technology (texting, email and social media) have lessened the need for personal relationships. Trust in each other, a fundamental part of relationship management, has been eroded.

Improving a team’s effectiveness is challenging and requires a knowledgeable individual to help throughout the process. Identifying the right behaviors and shepherding the team behavioral change management process should be led by experienced coaches with real-life and team coaching experiences. Researchers have found that poorly timed or uninformed team coaching can do more harm than good.

Corporate executives are calling for results-based approaches to team coaching.  Terry’s team coaching methodology delivers results and transforms dysfunctional teams into high-performing organizations.

Increase Team Performance
Improve Team Engagement
Build Team Relationships

Engagement Options

Certified Team Executive Coach


People say that to improve something you need to measure it.  I believe in the same philosophy. My coaching approach helps people like you achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in performance during the first six months of the coaching relationship.

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My senior corporate executive experience, combined with my coaching experience provide you with some options to help you achieve your long-term objectives.

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