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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of you have asked me questions privately so I thought it beneficial to have a page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).  Here are some of the most popular questions along with the corresponding answers:

How much do you charge for your services?

My hourly rates vary by engagement.  Rates are based on the length of the engagement and the difficulty level of the task. Longer engagements merit a discount while difficult assignments include a higher rate. In addition, all travel fees and expenses are billed on a cost basis. Mileage is billed at the going rate.

How many engagements do you maintain at once?

The number of engagements is less relevant than the time commitment. I typically maintain multiple engagements simultaneously but one engagement could consume all of my time. My commitment is that I will not take on more work which could impact my available time for all of the engagements I have committed to.

What is your preferred method of contact?

The best way to contact me is to use the Contact Form on this site.

How long have you been coaching people?

I have formally been coaching people since my practice began in 2012 but I have done so in a business environment since 1995.

How far will you travel for an engagement?

My preference is to stay within the continental United States, but I will consider engagements abroad.

What tools do you use for remote engagements?

Most of my remote engagements are done by using Zoom. I use other tools such as email, text messaging, telephone, Facetime and Skype.

Please drop me a note at my Contact Me page if you have any question that was not answered here.


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