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About Me

Let’s work together to achieve your objectives!

Why I Coach

I became an executive coach to help others and to give back to society

Who I Coach

I coach clients of all levels and roles with a particular focus on technology

Where I Coach

I coach clients in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia

My Story

I love what I do! I wake up every morning energized to help people achieve their goals. I am energized by the opportunities to learn, help and give back. Coaching is my passion and I can’t stop thinking of creative ways to help others.

I have enjoyed helping, developing, mentoring, and coaching people throughout my career. Perhaps I get it from my parents who devoted a lifetime to educating and helping others. My transition to formal coaching took place immediately upon my retirement from corporate life in 2012. After spending my entire career leading complex local, regional and global functions and businesses, I decided it was time to give back. I now donate my time and coaching proceeds to assist Hispanic communities in North America in the areas of community, education, entrepreneurship and healthcare.

After deciding on my new journey, I realized right away that the skills that made me a successful corporate executive were not going to make me a successful executive coach. I immersed myself in an intense learning process, became certified in multiple coaching practices, joined coaching organizations, mentored with successful coaches, learned the tools of the trade, and obtained my credentials. This allowed me to combine my corporate executive experience with my coaching education to become a successful executive coach.





Coaching Experience

Although my title is “Executive Coach”, the reality is I help a broad range of people. I coach business school-level individuals all the way through C-suite level executives. Most of the people I work with are in the technology sector. Given that I spent a lifetime in that sector, I understand the problems and issues that today’s leaders face. I help people and companies of all sizes globally with responsibilities in marketing, sales, sales operations, supply chain, product management, hardware engineering, software engineering, finance, IT and Human Resources.

Executive Experience

I joined the high-tech sector in the mid 1980’s when the PC industry was in its nascent stage. I was employed by Fortune 500 technology companies during my career. My first technology employer, MicroAge, Inc, was a leading computer integrator and distribution company with locations throughout the Americas and Europe. I spent the second half of my high-tech career at Dell, Inc. where I retired in 2012. During my time with these industry leaders, I led businesses and functions throughout the world. My experience in marketing, sales, information technology, online, operations, software engineering, call centers, manufacturing and finance positions me uniquely in my capacity as coach or consultant.

My proudest accomplishments include being a founding member of Dell’s Latin America business unit, starting operations and leading Dell’s operation in Brazil, creating the Global Business Operations function for Dell and leading the strategy and operational elements of Dell’s online properties. You can see more details about my work history on my LinkedIn profile.


I uphold the highest standards both for my coaching profession and my organization.


I set and demonstrate standards of excellence for professional coaching quality, qualification and competence.


I value the social connection and community building that occurs through collaborative partnership and co-created achievement.


I am inclusive and I value the diversity and richness of my global clients. I put people first, without compromising standards, policies and quality.

MBTI Certification