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Good business are built by mastering the actions that drive results. They must operate efficiently to thrive and grow profitably. Leveraging and making the best use of the available information helps them remain competitive.

The structured, proven and effective approach that I use in my consulting services delivers quantifiable results to your business and maximizes your company’s efficiency. My consulting services leverage my thirty years of executive experience leading business and functions of all sizes and types. My close involvement with your business, my ability to understand your priorities, and my desire to teach the skills and methods I have developed will help you and your organization achieve long-lasting results.

My style is to provide individuals and organizations with candid and objective feedback needed to make sound business decisions. I will also help develop action plans that are realistic and help achieve real business results within the desired timeframe.


Strategy Development

Strategy development is at the core of my consulting services. I will help you analyze information, ask provocative questions, understand all the options, weigh the pros and cons and help you make the best business decisions for your company, your customers and your marketplace. We will jointly craft a plan based on the available information and create milestones to achieve the most effective business outcomes.

Organizational Design

Designing organizational change is a complex process. Organizational structure generally follows strategy but we also need to account for people, their skills, and their personalities. For this reason, I have developed an approach to organizational design that incorporates team dynamics and uses industry standard instruments to identify strengths and gaps in the formal and informal roles of your leadership team. This process will maximize team dynamics and result in a more effective team.


BMS Design

An effective Business Management System (BMS) is the framework that links the overall company strategy to each employee in the organization. It helps the leadership team process information, make decisions and achieve the desired results.

Leverage my many years as a corporate executive and business consultant to design and implement a business management system that works for you and your organization.