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Meeting Facilitation Services


Conducting an effective meeting or planning session can be arduous, especially when you are facing big challenges. I have led a very large number of planning sessions during my career as a corporate executive and coach and I have developed a methodology that works. My structured approach combined with my skill for understanding business problems allows me to organize an agenda, facilitate the meeting, capture the salient points, summarize the actions and create a follow-up system to deliver measurable results.

People are at the core of any meeting. Managing conflicts, distractions and engagement levels is key to conducting a successful meeting. I have complex planning sessions which have delivered high levels of engagement and achieved the desired outcomes.

Often, consulting and facilitation services go hand-in-hand. Combining the two allows me to render a viewpoint about organizational structure, team dynamics and overall business strategy.


Standard Meeting Facilitation

The standard Meeting Facilitation begins with laying out the meeting objectives, collecting input from the meeting participants, sorting the impact to find the common denominators and creating an agenda that addresses the issues pointed out by the individuals. During the meeting, I will facilitate the discussion, capture the salient points, net out the conversations, provide some objective views of the discussion, and help craft action items with the appropriate ownership assignments. I will also provide a follow-up mechanism so the time is not wasted.

Customized Facilitation services are available for specific meetings or conferences. I can help you craft such a program based on your needs and requirements.​