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Personal Development

Development Action Plans

Episode 15: Development Action Plans: Use These Models to Achieve Predictable Results

The secret to creating effective development action plans is to leverage proven methods to develop skills that last.

Identify Your Gaps

Episode 14: A Practical Guide to Help Identify Your Gaps

To make progress on your career plan, understand the requirements of the roles along the path, inventory your skills, and identify your gaps.

Career Planning

Episode 13: The Eight Elements of Effective Career Planning

In this podcast, I discuss eight elements that will help define your career plan and increase the odds of your long term plans coming true.


Episode 12: How To Effectively Promote Yourself

Self-promotion can be awkward. To do it successfully we need an approach. In this podcast, I’ll provide you a way to create an effective plan.

Episode 06: Retirement Planning – The Missing Ingredient In Career Plans

Retirement planning is a critical component of career planning. In this podcast, I outline seven steps that can help you achieve your retirement goals.

Influencing Skills

Episode 05: A Practical Guide to Influencing and Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

We rarely spend time learning how t improve our influencing skills. In this podcast, I discuss eight actions you can use to achieve win-win outcomes.

Personal Product Management

Episode 04: How to Effectively Manage Your Personal Brand

In this podcast episode, I discuss seven steps that will help you increase your personal brand by leveraging my Personal Product Management strategy.

Executive Presence

Episode 03: Improve your Executive Presence with These Six Behaviors

In this podcast I discuss my definition of executive presence and I detail the six behaviors that can make an immediate positive impact on your brand!

Waiting for a Promotion

Episode 02: What to do While Waiting for a Promotion or if you Don’t Get It

In this podcast episode, I discuss some things you should consider doing while you wait for a promotion and how to handle being passed over for one.