Personal Development


Episode 12: How To Effectively Promote Yourself

Self-promotion can be awkward. To do it successfully we need an approach. In this podcast, I’ll provide you a way to create an effective plan.

Episode 06: Retirement Planning – The Missing Ingredient In Career Plans

Retirement planning is a critical component of career planning. In this podcast, I outline seven steps that can help you achieve your retirement goals.

Influencing Skills

Episode 05: A Practical Guide to Influencing and Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

We rarely spend time learning how t improve our influencing skills. In this podcast, I discuss eight actions you can use to achieve win-win outcomes.

Personal Product Management

Episode 04: How to Effectively Manage Your Personal Brand

In this podcast episode, I discuss seven steps that will help you increase your personal brand by leveraging my Personal Product Management strategy.

Executive Presence

Episode 03: Improve your Executive Presence with These Six Behaviors

In this podcast I discuss my definition of executive presence and I detail the six behaviors that can make an immediate positive impact on your brand!

Waiting for a Promotion

Episode 02: What to do While Waiting for a Promotion or if you Don’t Get It

In this podcast episode, I discuss some things you should consider doing while you wait for a promotion and how to handle being passed over for one.