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Episode 12: How To Effectively Promote Yourself

Promoting yourself is paramount to your long-term career success. If you think of yourself as a product and the company as your customer, then promoting yourself is your marketing plan. The purpose of marketing a product is to highlight the product’s benefits, to distinguish it from the competition, and to help create value in the eyes of the customer. Successfully promoting yourself achieves the same result. It creates the narrative for your brand, provides you the recognition for past accomplishments, allows you to communicate your career ambitions, and it sets you up for consideration for future roles and opportunities.

In this podcast, I will discuss how to properly prepare for self-promotion and I will discuss the process you should adopt to successfully promote yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 12: How To Effectively Promote Yourself”

  1. Really enjoyed listening to this podcast today a nice way to end the week and really appreciate the guidance especially when talking about cultural differences that can also impact how you feel about self promotion. thank you!

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