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Episode 07: Layoffs – Tips to Avoid or Survive Those Dreaded Events

There are going to be layoffs!” How many times have you heard this phrase in the news or at the company you work for? The news is unsettling, and many find the situation difficult to navigate. There are many reasons why companies elect to go through this painful process. Some of these reasons include mergers and acquisitions, economic downturns, industry changes, outsourcing, and “rightsizing.”  Regardless of the reason, these words cause fear that spreads like wildfire throughout the organization. The fear is real. The question is “How to survive those dreaded events?

In this podcast, I detail five actions you can take as an individual to avoid being put on a list, eight actions you can take as a leader to lead your team through the uncertainty, and six things you can do in the event you are caught up in a layoff.

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