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New T. Kahler Coaching Website

The New T. Kahler Coaching website is up and running. I would like to thank all of those individuals that helped me get this site up and running and I would like to offer a special thanks to those that volunteered their kind testimonials.  There are a few sections in the website that merit a visit:

T. Kahler Coaching

The About Me page will provide more information on me, my experience and my style.

The Services page will give you a brief overview of the services I offer. These include Coaching, Management Consulting and Session Facilitation. A page with more specifics on each service is available by clicking on Learn More.

I will post any new information in the Articles page.  This will include white papers that I write, articles that I publish and other interesting information about the services I provide.

I have quite a few Testimonials from individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

You can Follow me through social media or you can receive an email from me each time I come up with new information.

Please look around the site, let me know if you have any interest in my services and if you run across a typo just send me a note in the Contact me page.

Thank you for checking out my new site. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day!

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