The suite of services I offer are focused on obtaining predictable outcomes for individuals and businesses. These services leverage my years of global experience working with individuals from all levels who are members of a variety of departments or business types. My experience in nearly all facets of business from call centers to complex engineering areas, from individual contributors to senior executives allows the unique vantage point to help individuals and business achieve their objectives. The following are three areas where I can increase your personal and/or organizational effectiveness.


T Kahler Coaching

There are many interpretations of what coaching is, and there are many approaches to each of those interpretations. For me, coaching is a structured approach to identifying areas that keep us from achieving our career objectives and then creating a process by which we can close those gaps. I like to use sports analogies when talking about coaching. Imagine an athlete that rarely wins. What keeps that athlete from winning? Is it lack of training, is it lack of physical workouts, nutrition issues, mental focus? How does an athlete identify the gaps? They need a coach. Someone who can gather the information about them (statistics, telemetry, etc), compare it to what is needed and then create a plan to improve these areas and close the gaps. Sometimes, the athlete is just not capable of achieving that objective and a frank discussion needs to take place about the objective. Perhaps a new objective is needed.

This is my approach. I use a data-driven approach to coaching as a way to achieve predictable outcomes. There are roles and responsibilities on both sides. My role as coach is to have an open mind, understand you and your objectives, validate the feasibility of the objective, understand the skills and experience you possess, help identify gaps that might exist that block progress, then jointly create an experience-based plan to close them and monitor progress going forward.  An effective coaching engagement is not one meeting for coffee (which I would accept anytime) but a long-term engagement which is focused on milestones and achievements.



The consulting approach I adopt is to offer advice and assistance on a one-on-one basis with key leaders of the company. I leverage my wide array of experiences with small, medium and large businesses to help companies improve their outcomes and achieve their objectives. My global experiences in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and General Management provide me the ability to assist companies with issues they may be having. I can help by applying my real-world experience to find solutions to their problems.

My style is data driven, and I lean towards operational effectiveness. I believe that if you have sound processes that you will have a successful business. Measure what’s important and you will be able to navigate through the most difficult times. There have been times in my career that I was not sure what was taking place in the business until I was able to measure it effectively. The use of scorecards, review sessions and incentives lies at the core of my process. I would love to meet with you and discuss any opportunities you might have.



Conducting an effective meeting or planning session can be quite arduous, especially when you are facing big challenges. I have led a very large amount of planning sessions in my career and have landed on a formula that works. I am a structured person, and I have a skill for understanding the problem, organizing the agenda, facilitating the meeting, capturing the salient points, culling down the actions and creating a follow-up system to make sure that the valuable time spent is not wasted and that you can achieve the desired outcome.

People are at the core of any meeting. Managing conflicts, distractions and engagement levels is key to conducting a successful meeting. I have used many teachings to productively influence these, and I have developed a system that works.  Often, consulting services and facilitation services go hand-in-hand. I am able to render a better opinion about organizational structure, team dynamics and overall business strategy from attending and/or leading planning sessions.

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