About Terry

Austin has been my home since the late 1990’s. I relocated to Central Texas to take a regional role for Dell, Inc. (now Dell Technologies, Inc.).  I was blessed with a great career, and I retired from full-time employment in 2012. Since then, I have been able to focus on my family, my interests and helping others. I don’t miss working, but I do miss mentoring and coaching people, and I enjoy helping others solve their business problems.  I have been able to focus on both of these areas since my retirement. Below please find more information about me.


I began my technology career in the mid-1980’s. These were exciting times in the PC industry and adoption of computers in the workplace began to accelerate. I decided to leverage the knowledge I obtained from years as a hobbyist into a career that lasted 30 years.

During my years in the technology sector I was part of organizations that were experiencing exponential growth. My first employer was MicroAge, one of the industry-leading reseller/distributor organizations. I concluded my career at Dell, Inc. with my retirement in 2012. During my career, I led large global organizations consisting of thousands of people in dozens of countries in nearly every continent. In almost every role, I had the opportunity to either create a new function from the ground up or recover a failing business and bring it back to profitability. I leverage my many years in challenging roles to help others become more effective and help them achieve their objectives.


The following are some of the areas of expertise that I developed throughout my career. I am now able to leverage these with other individuals and organizations to help them become more effective and achieve their objectives:

General Management – Throughout my career I have had many opportunities to lead organizations as General Manager with broad responsibilities. The GM role was one of my favorites, especially when I had the chance to resurrect Dell’s business in Brazil during my role as President. I also led operations in Brazil, Argentina and Chile through some very difficult economic times. I was also responsible for the Latin America Consumer, Small & Medium business where we experience triple-digit growth. Surrounded always by a great team, we were able to accomplish great things. Today, these businesses stand as a testament to the hard work of the teams I had the privilege of leading.

Sales & Marketing – My technology career began  as a sales executive when the role was new. Since then, I have led thousands of people in a variety of sales roles from consumer to businesses of all sizes and government organizations at all levels. I have an understanding of what is required to effectively lead a group of sales individuals, managers and executives. I understand the sales process from relationship management to lead generation through closing and ongoing support.

Operations & Manufacturing – Founded support organizations focused on improving customer experience globally through continuous improvement methodologies. Led manufacturing operations in Brazil with a very difficult regulatory environment.

Support – Given that my hobby was computers, I am very comfortable leading global technical support and customer service organizations from basic level support through expert support for all technology products and segments. Customers ranged from consumers through large businesses and government organizations. As was the case with operations and manufacturing, I leveraged continuous process improvement methodologies to prevent the need for a call and implemented on-line self-help tools to improve the speed and quality of support.

Online – Defined the strategy for Dell’s online portals and managed the investment portfolio for new features based on financial payback criteria and impact to the customer. Accomplishments included lower support costs through self-help tools, improved the customer experience through support and purchasing portals and helped reduce the overall cost of operations.

Global – Many of the teams I led had a global reach. This helped me understand the role of culture in business (both corporate culture as well as country culture). Along the way I became fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


One of my objectives when I retired was to find a way to use my skills to help others. I sought ways to help organizations that are focused on helping others grow and thrive. I realized that many of these organizations have a skill for fundraising, but they struggle with the operational elements of their mission. I have worked with key leaders in these organizations to help them define a clear mission, a strategy and an operational and financial plan to achieve their objectives.

I am actively involved in helping Hispanic communities in Central Texas and abroad. This includes mentoring roles as well as helping those in need, especially with education opportunities. As such, I have committed that 10% of all the profits will go to support these charitable organizations.


One of the things I enjoy doing is guest lecturing at the University of Texas in Austin. Leveraging my personal and professional experience, I lecture on the topics of international business and the role of country and corporate culture in business.

My New Journey

My new journey as a coach and mentor began in the summer of 2012 when I was invited to participate in a joint program between the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business and Dell, Inc..  In this role, I have helped many students achieve their year-long internship objectives and deliver significant value to the company. In addition, I continue to coach and mentor individuals with whom I made connections with during my career.

My Commitment

Coaching and consulting relationships are all about commitments. I commit to be fully engaged in our mutual work, and you can expect that I will provide my direct and honest opinion.  We will use a structured approach to create a plan to improve your or your company’s effectiveness and achieve your objectives.

Next Steps

I am currently accepting new engagements. If you are interested in learning more about me or beginning a new engagement, simply click on the “Testimonials” button below to see what other people have to say about my style or the click the “Let’s Get Started” button to contact me. I will be in contact with you shortly after.