The following are three areas where I can increase your personal and/or organizational effectiveness.


Are you struggling to get to the next level? Using a structured, effective and proven process, Terry's approach can help get you back on track and achieve your individual or organizational objectives.



Do you have a business problem you are struggling to solve? Have you tried working with someone with experience and an objective viewpoint? Terry can help solve your business problems.



Are you frustrated by the effectiveness of your meetings and planning sessions? Terry has developed a structured approach to make them more effective and help deliver results.


Terry is an Executive Coach and retired technology executive with a passion for coaching leaders and helping businesses achieve their objectives. As a sales and operations expert, he led businesses and functions for fortune 500 technology companies across the globe. In addition to his coaching practice, he guest lectures at the University of Texas on International Business and on Intercultural Management. He is an accomplished photographer and active philanthropist.

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Enable Hispanic communities to thrive and prosper by donating 10% of all net profits to effective support organizations.


Facilitate individual and organizational effectiveness through structured, effective and proven practices.


Always be RESPECTFUL to others. Act with the utmost INTEGRITY. Be HONEST in all areas of our work. BE COMPASSIONATE TOWARDS OTHERS.